Liftoff UI

A ready to-go frontend for your Airtable data

Simply input your Airtable API key and any base ID and get stunning gallery, list and modal pages, fully customizable and completely yours with no subscriptions or recurring app fees

Perfect for Testimonials, galleries, directories, listings, FAQ's and other common website sections you want to integrate into your site, fully powered by your Airtable database.

The first UI framework purpose built to get Airtable into your stack quickly, easily and on-brand

😔 Without Liftoff UI

You want a frontend for Airtable data but current solutions are bloated apps with hefty monthly fees, limited customization ability and difficult to integrate into your existing stack.

😎 With Liftoff UI

Get copy and paste snippets to visualise any Airtable base with lifetime access - Pay once and get fully editable, easy to integrate snippets auto-synced to any Airtable database.

Focus on your data, Liftoff UI makes it beautiful and does the rest

Gallery page

Like the Airtable gallery view, but yours, how you want it, fully customizable and most importantly on your site and on-brand to you or your business

List page

The list component means you can take any Airtable base and create stunning listing pages just how you want, integrated into your stack in seconds

Modal page

Your Airtable records fully integrated into your site or LMS with fully accessible records and a custom modal design unique to your brand

Search functionality

Add the search component anywhere you like, search upto 10,000 records, customize how you like and integrate into section of your site

Works with any site builder, LMS or website page

Simple copy & paste snippets you can add into any HTML page or popular site builders

Pre-launch offer:

65% off + lifetime updates (first 50 pre-orders)

Launching early March

Lifetime updates (normal pricing will be 1 year updates)



All components (more added regularly)

No subscriptions / no recurring fees

Pay once, own it forever

Features by request

Community access (Discord community coming soon)

Lifetime updates (normal pricing will be 1 year updates)

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